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Are poor communications, a lack of standard processes, and an inconsistent culture reducing your organization’s profitability? The crazy thing about most industrial businesses is the amount of time and money being wasted due to a lack of attention being given to eliminating unsuitable productivity systems. These weak and undetected organizational procedures are draining companies ’bottom lines’. There is a sure-fire way to plug these leaks, and regain profits. Guaranteed!

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Pro-B Management Inc. as a top  business operations management consulting firm has developed Five Simple, yet Overlooked Steps that can Increase your Productivity. In one case, our system saved a company $1.23 Million in only 12 Weeks…

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System Scan

Are you plagued with higher than expected productivity costs? Our initial system scan is designed to identify overall system gaps, overlaps, and flow. This scan is used by both your company and Pro-B to determine existing benchmarks and to confirm the best ways of moving forward creating a Comprehensive Action Plan.

Process Audit

Are you struggling to achieve consistent productivity and flow within or between employees and departments, or simply want to update the current systems in place? This more in-depth business proces management analysis charts a series of improvements, which are then used as a guide in the development of a Comprehensive Action Plan.

Comprehensive Action Plan

Disheartened with your departments’ current action plans? The goal of the Comprehensive Action Plan is to develop better strategies towards efficiently using people, time and materials. Pro-B will tailor the Action Plan to your company and outline the best strategies to put into practice to reach the benchmarks established during the Process Audit.

Plan Implementation

Disappointed with your company’s or division’s commitment to implementing progressive action items? Pro-B will support the process of change during the Implementation phase by developing a company culture that endorses communications across all departments and helps employees engage in trust and understanding.

Follow-through & Follow-up

Are you frustrated when others commit to being there when you need them, and they choose not to embrace the agreed upon changes? Our “5-Step Business Management System to Operational Excellence” is not a one-off session. Culture does not change overnight. Pro-B wants to ensure that there is optimal buy-in from both management and personnel being affected by the changes being implemented. Strategic accountability will ensure the sustainability of your investment.

Business Management Consultant Invitation

During discussions with Calgary AB business owners, it has been discovered that they experience three major frustrations and problems when attempting to maximise productivity. I would like you to consider inviting me to identify these problems in your company. Let me tell you about a complimentary, no obligation, online assessment that will evaluate the present state of your system in its current state.

  • Communication: Many barriers limit communication. These barriers appear at various stages and may lead to a distortion of information being exchanged. A key barrier in communication is that false assumptions are made when people too often hear what they want to hear, as opposed to what is actually being discussed. Other issues include the completion of all accountability procedures; too often, when five steps are requested, most companies complete only 2 or 3 steps.
  • Structure: If an organization has a flawed structure, it can become too focused on “efficiency.” The organization can become too rigid, become less effective, and fail to meet the teams’ expectations. Examples include: fuzzy accountability, KPIs, people and departments reporting up through the organization while each has different objectives, and decisions being made based on incomplete information and second agendas.
  • Process, Procedures (systems): Inconsistencies in the workplace, frustrations, confusion, high failure rates, and cost overruns are a few signs that your processes and procedures need to be reviewed and updated. Projects require clear start/finish and handoff procedures. Keeping in mind that the system must—in a practical way for employees—support its function.

Whose fault is it that these problems exist or are allowed to fester? Putting ego aside, at Pro-B Management, we have found that it is a lack of defined systems and structure not being consistently followed in an organization. We also know that running a business is hard and challenging work, which is why we developed our ‘5-Step System to Creating Operational Excellence’. We are committed to your success. We perform a needs assessment to determine what our clients actually need versus what they think they want. In this way, we can effectively help the business and guide progressive change within companies. We back this with our Iron Clad Guarantee.

Our Guarantee

If we discover that we are unable to significantly reduce  your operating expenditures after the System Scan, our business management consulting firm will refund your investment.

Our Successful Clients

Pro-B Management has worked with both domestic and international companies to help them overcome challenges and achieve success. Based on our 5-Step Business Operations Management System, our consultations are focused on understanding how you measure success, then work with you to achieve your goals. Here are some of our successes.

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