Other than realizing we are in business for two things (make a living & service our clients), the sales component of business is the first step of creating an order back log.

Of this back log, one of the biggest challenges is understanding orders, from their inception, be it current or upcoming. Without proper checks and balances in place (process) cost overruns would be standard practice.

Below are common problems that your operation might be facing that Pro B can bring clarity and build successful systems for success!

  • Under-delivers and over-promises

Communication and cooperation are the key words here. Experience has shown us that if the sales person comes in with an incredible sale it can make an entire year of profitability.

Let’s play devil’s advocate. This is an actual event: the sales person makes all the arrangements, has limited exchange of critical information with the rest of the team, therefore makes the final decision on the order only to realize that once the order was processed the actual delivery and cost of the sale was 8 weeks and $500,000; and not the 6 week and $450,000 as promises. This is only one example of many that cost a business profits and worst of all their reputation.

  • Provides inadequate information

Documentation is so important, especially the accurate kind. Synchronization between sales and the provided service or departments has the potential to disrupt progressive flow of information and documentation alike. Pro-B has seen this more than a few times where people or departments are trying to process an order only to find out pieces of information are missing and/or the order is being rushed through causing steps to be missed resulting in cost overruns of 20% or more. Sometimes this is the difference to continuing business or going broke.

  • Unfamiliar with product lines

Knowing what you are selling is essential. Taking the time to ask questions, or bringing in the expert when talking with clients is the right thing to do.

  • Does not understand the complete process

There are a lot of moving pieces from talking with the client to delivering on what you promised. Training of and understanding the processes and components that complete the sale, create happy clients.