Is Your Operation Losing You Money?

Business struggles are real.

Are you plagued with higher than expected productivity costs?
Are you struggling to achieve flow between employees and departments?
Frustrated with others who choose not to embrace agreed upon changes?

We are committed to your company’s success. Business struggles are REAL.
Our initial System Scan identifies the troublesome gaps and operational issues within a company. We work together with you to flush out problems and CREATE SOLUTIONS to grow your business while guiding progressive change!

We back our system with an IRON CLAD Guarantee! After performing our System Scan if it is determined that Pro-B is unable to find process issues or sufficient concerns that will hinder productivity, the fee for the scan will be returned.

Pro-B Management – We Can Help – Start your journey to eliminating Profit Leaks in 5 simple steps.

Would you be interested in adding 10 – 20% more profit by reducing your overhead through operational efficiencies? Spending $100,000 to save 1-5 million dollars with a cost recovery time of 3 – 6 months?

Common Problems Some Chief Takeaways (Synopsis)

1. Communication in its many forms is the number one problem in business today.
2. Am I helping or hindering the processes and progress of others?
3. Taking the time required at the beginning to plan out the entire project (consistent process) results in a product or service easily flowing through any given operation.
4. Removing the subjectivity is a problem that is not easily solved as it requires finesse, tact and skill.
5. Having defined standards and holding departments and/or team members accountable is one of the best ways in creating cooperative, progressive cultures.
6. Incomplete or inaccurate processes and procedures are two of the biggest time wasters in business today. There is potential for major Profit Leaks here.
7. Are there people in your business on the “wrong seat of the bus?” (Collins, J.C. (2001) Good to Great. NY: Harper Collins).
8. It is essential to know your people as it helps with engagement and job satisfaction.

Structures and Systems (Synopsis)

1. There are seven basic components of Business Systems. These components are used to gather information on steps, pathways, actions and avoid roadblocks.
2. You can have more than one System within a given company or Structure.
a. One System may be How department “A” (Accounting) functions, while another maybe How department “B” (Planning) functions.
3. The Structure is how everything works together. It is the relationship of and between the different Systems.
4. A Structure has three components: Elements, which are those individual pieces that make up your activities, the Process, which brings all the elements together in a linear manner, and the System, which is the finished product and the relationship within the structure, as well as to other Systems.
5. When reducing or expanding your employee base or bringing on new product and implementation, there will be a cultural shift that will happen. You, as a manager, need to be aware of this and have quality Structures in place when making decisions or your progressive culture will be destroyed in a heartbeat.
6. One strategy towards understanding the effectiveness of your System is to take an order through the complete System and Structure, and evaluate its effectiveness. Once this is done, you will most likely need to tighten things up and make adjustments to fill in the few holes or gaps you find.
7. When setting up or modifying your Structures and Systems, ensure you look at departmental flow to ensure you do not create Profit Leaks.
8. Understand your business, what it does and its niche in the market place.

Communication (Synopsis)

“It seems communication in its many forms is the number one problem in business today. Although some people and organizations are better at communicating than others, the key is to communicate to understand.” (Brent Trenholm 2018)
Communication Best Practices;
1. Paraphrasing

a. “So if I hear you correctly, you are saying that if we sell the product at $10 each, with a 2 week delivery, we will lose $2 per item?” Hear what your team members are saying and help them understand and actively participate. By doing so, you will counteract any obstacle and achieve your objectives.
2. Listening to what others are saying until the end of their time to talk.
a. Often people listen to respond as opposed to taking the time to hear and understand what is being said. In essence, they already have pre-conceived ideas and thoughts on how they want the end result to play out.
3. Promptly responding to phone calls, emails or text messages.
a. If you receive a written message, there is a good chance that the person who sent the message is looking for a response. If you choose not to respond, you are basically saying, “What you want to ask me, or what you say is not important to me, nor the company you work for.”
4. Making yourself available (true open door)
a. A manager or fellow team member who can stop what they are doing and listen to another person shows that he values that conversation and demonstrates respect for their ideas and thoughts.
5. Asking questions to help clarify or understand.
a. “You have talked about many things and made what I think are three points, could you take a minute and elaborate and explain your main points.”
6. Invite feedback to your conversation or opinions.
a. After I share my perspective, I would like to hear your thoughts on possible alternatives and improvements.
b. I have personally heard these comments more times than should be mentioned:
“Do you know who I am? I have my Masters in Engineering and I know what needs to be done so be careful what you say.” Often this is the same person that has only worked at one job since graduating with that fancy degree.

  1. Talk about the problem or solution and not about the person.
    a. As soon as we make a remark about someone’s personality during a conversation, it gets personal and people will take offense to comments. When we focus on the issue and get away from you and I, it becomes much easier to pick a given topic apart, add a twist and put it back together better than before, and with complete buy in


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