Although the flowchart below is relatively generalized, the circle of activities remains accurate. When an issue arises in one part of the cycle, the entire system can collapse.   Company Production Flow Calgary Each person in a department has a responsibility in the operational cycle, with corresponding processes and procedures to follow. In many cases, job descriptions can be used to guide people through a given task. Every department has similar problems, all of which usually can be reduced to breakdowns in communication and understanding, in both written and verbal form. The key benefits to using Pro-B Services are that standard problems disappear relatively quickly, and that more difficult ones are revealed such that they can be addressed and resolved. Standard Problems: • Inaccurate job descriptions • Incomplete processes and procedures • Inadequate information • Limited skills for required tasks • On wrong seat on the bus • Poor communication skills • Does not understand complete process • Poor culture • Large egos • Overworked • Lazy Sales: • Under delivers and over promises • Provides inadequate information • Provides inaccurate information • Unfamiliar with product lines • Does not understand complete process Management: • Treats staff poorly • Is too nice, resulting in staff dictating standard practices • Shares limited information • Makes too many assumptions • Poor accountability practices • Lack of consistent standards • Indecisive • Unable to start, organize, and finish tasks Administration: • Doddles when given a task • Lack of sufficient computer skills • Lack clear organizational procedures • Smells and/or dresses inappropriately • Document control/file systems are unorganized • Spends excessive time chatting • Poor attention to detail • Limited tools provided to employees to complete the job Quality Control: • Not available when needed • Poor record keeping practices • Takes long time to complete most tasks • Poor attention to detail • Limited tools provided to employees to complete the job Production: • Engineering takes a long time to complete drawings • Inaccurate drawings • Drawings and information provided at the last minute • No production schedule • Production schedule not followed • Poor planning and execution • Accepts poor quality product • Many excuses Procurement/Inventory: • Stock counts not being done or not completed on time • Purchase incorrect product • Not follow through on orders and deliveries • Product not being pulled to orders or signed out at appropriate intervals • Late deliveries • Slow • Costs not being captured Accounting: • Limited understanding on what core products and services create the numbers • Essential reports beneficial to departments not provided • Cost accounting mistakes • Statistics not being completed on time