Step 5 Follow Through and Follow up

When changes, or enhancements to systems are implemented, it takes time for mindsets to shift. Without reviewing and providing follow-up sessions, people naturally go back to old ways and habits. By conducting a review and providing accountability at strategic intervals, effective change is created and sustained. Our strategic follow up plan also enables us to make meaningful refinements along the way, thus keeping momentum moving in a forward direction.

Follow ups are initially bi-weekly and then quarterly.

Case Study:
During Follow Through a busy period of sharing, growth and successes, all orders were brought under departmental managerial control. Both cost and schedule targets were discussed, understood, agreed and achieved. Inter-departmental meetings were implemented, resulting in enhanced inter-discipline discussions being conducted regularly, eliminating misunderstanding and significantly reducing boundary issues and costs. A permanent manager was recruited and a seamless transition occurred.

Follow up revealed that:
Employees cross training program created job satisfaction and employee retention rates changed from having a revolving door to greatly improving employee morale and being below national turnover averages.
Major safety violations and injuries were eliminated, significantly lowering WCB costs to industry averages.
Engagement of processes and increased collaboration throughout the facility resulted in fewer cost overruns and increased delivery times.
Product quality increased significantly.
Client lowered operating costs by 70% and went from the red to black in 3 months.