Step 3 Comprehensive Action Plan

The goal of the Comprehensive Action Plan is to develop better strategies towards efficiently using people, time and materials. First, a strategic planning session with the company owner and selected staff is used to align and clarify targeted goals and objectives of all parties involved. Using this data, we work with you to outline a clear Action Plan.

Pro-B will tailor the Action Plan to your company and outline the best strategies to put into plan to reach the benchmarks established during the Process Audit. Note that both the System Scan and Process Audit are stand-alone services. During this phase of the Action Plan, your company has the opportunity to select which of the recommendations highlighted in the Process Audit are the most urgent. This Action Plan then becomes the working document from which Pro-B works alongside your company to resolve process and procedure issues.

Together we analyze our series of process improvements, add our recommendations and agree on implementation strategies that align with your desired goals and objectives, to form a comprehensive action plan.

Action Plan Included:

  • Establish schedules and budgets
  • Change purchasing protocol
  • Hire inventory/shipper/receiver to get a handle on inventory problems
  • Clearly communicate responsibility and authority
  • Create practical and functional operational processes
  • Install visual cost performance metric displays
  • Initiate weekly “stand up” departmental meetings where all disciplines provide updates, along with challenges