Common Problems

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  •  Inaccurate job descriptions
  •  Incomplete processes and procedures
  • Inadequate information
  • Limited skills for required tasks
  • On wrong seat on the bus.
  • Poor communication skills
  • Does not understand complete process
  • Poor culture
  • Large egos
  • Overworked
  • Lazy
  • Under delivers and over promises
  • Provides inadequate information
  • Provides inaccurate information
  • Unfamiliar with product lines
  • Does not understand complete process
  • Treats staff poorly
  • Is too nice, resulting in staff dictating standard practices
  • Shares limited information
  • Makes too many assumptions
  • Poor accountability practices
  • Lack of consistent standards
  • Indecisive
  • Unable to start, organize, and finish tasks
  • Doddles when given a task
  • Lack of sufficient computer skills
  • Lack clear organizational procedures
  • Smells and/or dresses inappropriately
  • Document control/file systems are unorganized
  • Spends excessive time chatting
  •  Poor attention to detail
  • Limited tools provided to employees to complete the job
  • Not available when needed
  • Poor record keeping practices
  • Takes long time to complete most tasks
  • Poor attention to detail
  • Limited tools provided to employees to complete the job
  • Engineering takes a long time to complete drawings
  • Inaccurate drawings
  • Drawings and information provided at the last minute
  • No production schedule
  • Production schedule not followed
  • Poor planning and execution
  • Accepts poor quality product
  • Many excuses
  • Limited understanding on what core products and services create the numbers
  • Essential reports beneficial to departments not provided
  • Cost accounting mistakes
  • Statistics not being followed and reported
  • Stock counts not being done or not completed on time
  • Purchase incorrect product
  • Not follow through on orders and deliveries
  • Product not being pulled to orders or signed out at appropriate intervals
  • Late deliveries
  • Slow
  • Costs not being capture

Pro-B Management is a customer first focused company that locates businesses challenges and creates results.

Standard Problems

Running a business is hard work; whether it is keeping the sales funnel full, finding the best person for the job, or keeping your costs under control, having and being able to maximise on profits year after year is tough yet essential.
Our experiences have shown that the following topics are futher common problems that inhibit consistent quality productivity.

  • Communication in its many forms is the number one problem in business & society today. Although some people and organizations are better than others, actively explaining and discussing perspectives and requirements is paramount.
  • This topic is one of the largest time wasters in the daily activity of many organizations. This is an all-inclusive problem that, if not developed properly, the side effects can be very costly. Helping team members understand the complete process only has an upside.
  • Organizations have a tendency to be on both sides of the fence on this issue. While some companies believe 100% in training, others have a fear that if they spend profits on training, the people will leave, so their training budgets become nonexistent. Do you hire the person or the job description?
  • Although most people have an understanding of what their responsibilities are, there are challenges with the finer details of what is really required.
  • From the book “Good to Great”, understanding and defining each “seat on the bus” is an important step to creating progressive & productive cultures. The challenge is that these definitions are subjective between managers, supervisors and staff. Removing the subjectivity is an area that is not easily solved, as most often personnel feelings interfere with collaborative conversations.
  • These two words are very powerful, as the natural tendency for some is to build, or expand on their level of importance, to the detriment of others. This practice results in people working in silos and becoming proprietary to their work. [Checking their egos at the door] is a great saying, yet difficult for some to do.
  • During tough times, like we are in right now, makes it difficult as we are all expected to do more with less. The effects of doing so has many negative side effects, especially when you throw in the appreciation value.
  • This is a very hot topic, especially when you throw in the generation, education and experience cards. Worker standards, energy and requirements become important topics of conversation. Who is the smart person, the one that works their butt off, or the person that spends most of their time at the water cooler chatting it up. Let your conscience guide you.