We identify profit leaks and create an action plan which will immediately impact your net profit

Most businesses aren’t aware of the amount of time and money being wasted due to flawed productivity systems. These undetected organizational procedures have a significant impact on your bottom-line. We’ve spent decades identifying and developing guaranteed areas to plug these leaks and regain your profits.

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Whether it’s interdepartmental communication, finding the best process for the job, or keeping your costs under control, maximizing profits year over year is a difficult task. When barriers appear, they can lead to unreliable information being exchanged, frustration, frequent problems, and cost overruns. That’s where Pro-B Management comes in.

We are a results based company who:

  • Understands Profit Leaks
    We bridge gaps in company culture as well as processes. Our practical action plans and turnkey systems will stir change and develop options for a more profitable future.

  • Achieves Rapid Results
    Our work doesn’t take years to achieve measurable outcomes. We work on decisive, quick turn-around action plans which will impact profits immediately.

  • And has the Practical Experience to tackle problems of every size
    Pro-B’s Founder, Brent Trenholm has been fixing processes, organizational structures and diagnosing profit leaks for over 20 years. We offer a hands-on approach you can trust.

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Interested In How We Work? Pro-B’s 5 Step Profit Process

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We work alongside your team to help you identify the unique challenges in your business. We then outline a customized action plan to overcome those challenges which will result in increased profit margins.

1. System Scan 2. Process Audit 3. Comprehensive Action Plan 4. Plan Implementation 5. Follow Through and Follow-upSystem Scan Process Audit Comprehensive Action Plan Action Plan Implementation Follow Through and Follow-up

Zero Risk – Our System Scan comes with a 100% guarantee (see below!)
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Our Guarantee

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After performing our System Scan, if it is determined that Pro-B is unable to find process issues or sufficient concerns that hinder productivity, the fee for the scan will be returned in full.
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