The sales team is one of the most important parts of a company and yours is no exception. They are the team that generates revenue, however there are many flaws they can fall into if you’re not careful here are five ways your sales team is failing you.

1. Under delivers and over promises
Your sales team is there to do the best job they possibly can but sometimes they make promises they can’t keep. Creating expectations that they cannot meet slows down productivity and can create a frustrating back and forth within the company and creates less confidence in customers.

2. Provides inadequate information
We can see a problem in sales with inadequate information in order to complete the sale or with communication with the project managers. Sales oftentimes aren’t detail oriented, fully focused on making a deal as quickly as possible. Flushing out the particulars is an important part of the process and adequate information only helps move the process along faster.

3. Provides inaccurate information
Even worse than inadequate information is inaccurate information. Inaccurate information can cause ill-feelings between clients and the company, potentially even losing the contract. Insuring that your sales team provides accurate information is paramount to the success of the sale.

4. Unfamiliar with product lines
Getting actual information on the product they sell would be the most important thing to focus on, but it does happen. Selling a product that they do not fully understand can be disastrous, as selling one product without knowing the particulars can erode the confidence the client has with the company.

5. Does not understand complete process
Without understanding the complete process sales can make promises they can’t keep and create problems for project managers and everyone else involved in that sale. Having a thorough understanding of the process is the most effective way to avoid future problems and speed the process.

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