Operation Efficiency & Effectiveness

Operational Strategies Calgary

Remaining competitive in today’s global economy, it is essential for companies to boost their operational efficiency where ever possible. Sooner or later any company not operating efficiently will lose significant market share, and/or be out of business. Operation efficiency is not all about cutting hard costs like people and equipment, in fact it is more about evaluating the company or operation as a whole and refining how you get from point A – Z, and linking the many working components or resources together.

Operational Strategies Calgary

Efficiency is more about process/resource management, customer service and quality. If these operation components of a business do not link together costs will escalate.
Effectiveness is the bye product of a quality processes or structure. Some of the key components to creating efficiency within your organization are;

1. Communication.

This topic is on the top of every list, yet it never changes. We talk about it and always say we need to be better at communicating, yet practices do not change Within communication we have collaboration, (working together with another or others) often collaboration is misunderstood, some feel is it giving away your knowledge or power. When in fact it is about sharing ideas and thoughts to a resolve that works.

2. Structure/Process.

Without this we would all run around in circles wondering what to do next. Processes are real important as they provide a road map to the completion of a given task that build structure. As true as this is, excessive structure or processes stifles people and organizations as well. Finding the balance is very important. Practical is the word of choice here.

3. Shared Vision.

What is the companies vision and do people understand what it is, has it been shared, did one person created it, or was it developed by the masses?

4. Integrity.

Trust in co-workers and management is integral to overall success. Without it costs escalate and productivity declines.

5. Respect.

Everyone has something to offer and has an area they are best at. The secret to good management is finding that area and building on it. The other is political correctness. Being able to separate your opinions, thoughts and respect others abilities is crucial to making good decisions and building engaging and empowering environments.

6. Employee Relations.

Employees are people with living emotions and thoughts, people, or companies that look at people as numbers usually end up creating poor employee morel, lack of trust, higher turnover and basically higher costs. When building a team, understanding and communicating the culture goals is essential to building performance teams.

7. Provide Proper Tools For the Job.

If you do not have these tools it makes it difficult to do what you are hired for. If you work in an office you need a pen, paper and computer. If you work in a shop you need gloves, hand tools perhaps an operation manual. If there is poor communication or direction it is difficult to maximize performance as well.
The KEY to Continued Success requires adapting as you grow and keeping your business fresh by ensuring your Goal and Operational Processes are Relevant, Followed, and Up to Date.

In the end we go to work for a few reasons. The most important of all is to do well.

We have developed 5 simple steps that can increase your productivity. Call now and begin your journey to operational excellence with us!