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Are you a successful business owner, professional or entrepreneur who is looking for ways to take your company to the next level, reduce your stress and increase productivity at the same time? I would like to show you a way that you can increase Communication, design and use effective Structures and functional Processes & Procedures with minimal effort.

Brent Trenholm is President of Pro-B Management Inc. They are the only company that provides a primary upfront diagnostic snapshot of your company’s processes & procedures. This diagnostic is a unique trademark pending process! It guarantees to alleviate the aggravation felt by Managers and CEOs by outlining the performance gaps in the company’s operational make-up. The “how do I fix this” factor is eliminated allowing the Manager and/or CEO to finally obtain a clear picture of the broken links (performance gaps) in their company.

During discussions with business owners, it was discovered that they experience three major frustrations and problems when attempting to maximize productivity. Brent Trenholm is the President of Pro-B Management Inc and as an efficiency expert, he has built his knowledge by working in various industry sectors. He knows firsthand what slows down companies and what speeds them up. He has been developing and fixing processes, procedures and diagnosing company cultures challenges for more than 20 years.

Brent transforms companies by adjusting performance gaps in all departments. Over the last 10 years, he has been managing businesses with functionality problems. Brent created and implemented operational best practices along the way by standardizing processes, procedures while creating progressive cultures, cross-training staff and significantly reducing waste.

Born in Campbell River, B.C., Brent has a great love of the outdoors. His interest in efficiency and performance started young, as he was always looking for better ways to do things.

For one company, Brent used his extensive repertoire of tools to change the culture and cross-pollinate skills. People were happier, costs came down and productivity went up. In three months, Brent dropped operating costs by 70%.

Brent sees the bigger picture and targets problems, gets into the crack to create real results. He gets things on track and keeps them on track. The “how do I fix this” factor is eliminated so you, the Manager/CEO, can focus on running your company.


Business Management Calgary

  • Communication: There are many types of barriers that limit communication. These barriers appear at various stages and may lead to distortion of information being exchanged. One of these is false assumptions being made as people often hear what they want to hear, as opposed to what is being discussed.
  • Structure: If an organization has a flawed structure and it is focused too much toward efficiency it will become too rigid, become less effective and fail to meet the team’s expectations. An example of this is fuzzy accountability, KPI’s, along with people and departments reporting up through the organization with different objectives, and second agendas.
  • Process, Procedures (systems): Inconsistencies in the work place, frustration, confusion, higher failure rates and cost overruns are a few signs that your processes & procedures need to be reviewed and updated. Keeping in mind that the system must support its function.

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Whose fault is it that these problems exist or fester? I say it is the lack of defined or followed systems and structure. We also know running a business is hard and challenging work. That is why we developed our 5 Step System to Creating Operational Excellence. We are committed to your success. We get into the cracks of the business and help guide progressive change within companies. We back this with our Iron Clad Promise Guarantee.

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Pro-B Management Inc. At A Glance

Pro-B Management is owned and operated by Brent Trenholm, a consultant based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Pro-B Management is an operational solutions firm specializing in leveraging your workforce’s skills and experiences for a successful and profitable business.

They mainly work with process and manufacturing clients to assist them in optimizing operational processes while maximizing human potential to help organizations realize their full potential.

Pro-B Management helps you find and solve functionality problems with your business. We recognize the need to work alongside you to understand your challenges and then create customized action plan to support your business’s vision and growth.

Founded in 2015, Pro-B Management shares Brent’s 35-plus years of knowledge in various industrial manufacturing settings including forestry, pulp and paper, and oil and gas. The company has extensive management and leadership experience as Brent has travelled the globe training and implementing standardized product line knowledge and procedures. Pro-B Management’s ultimate goal is to give you, industry leaders, an efficient business that thrives in today’s global market.



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