Management is the lead which brings your team to success, so when you don’t see the results you want that’s the first place you look. Like anything there are many pitfalls that can befall your management that could be avoided.

Here are 8 reasons why your management is not bringing your team to the next level.

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1. Treats staff poorly

Your staff is the manpower behind the business and when left to work in a hostile environment can produce subpar results. Factors such as poor planning and overworking staff can drastically reduce the results your team would be getting in a more conducive environment.

2. Is too nice, resulting in staff dictating standard practices

On the flipside, a management that refuses to manage the staff will result in the same loss of productivity. The management is required to have the necessary information to produce the best results and when they leave it solely to the staff they cause confusion and overall disarray that can leave your business below standard.

3. Shares limited information

Communication between management and the staff is the bedrock for any solid business. When management refuses to give enough information or doesn’t understand how much information is needed it causes a rift which means a gruelling back and forth on trying to get the information that should have been given in the first place.

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4. Makes too many assumptions

Assumptions in management can cost your business dearly, as it’s the management which dictates the order of business.

5. Poor accountability practices

When an error is made or a responsibility not honoured there is a system of accountability that the management must adhere to. When they have poor practices they have a poor system and this leads to poor business practices in general. Having a functioning system for insuring responsibility in staff is essential to a properly functioning work environment.

6. Lack of consistent standards

Placing a standard of workplace excellence is a beneficial thing to do, but when the standards keep shifting, whether between time frames or between coworkers, it can cause confusion and resentment in the staff that will negatively impact the bottom line. Creating one, consistent standard to meet means clear communication and higher work performance.

7. Indecisive

Making decisions is the majority of tasks management does. Indecisiveness cuts into work time not only on the managerial end but it effects the staff as well.

8. Unable to start, organize, and finish tasks

As with the indecisiveness, this is the majority of management’s job. The ability to accomplish tasks is the bare minimum necessary for a functioning business. When management fails on this part, the whole process fails.

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