Accounting departments are a bit invisible at times because people and companies are reluctant to show and explain the numbers.
Although there is some understanding of this, it creates a problem for department heads that require accurate data in a timely manner, and that is meaningful to them.

Trust comes into question here, as much of this information is confidential and sensitive.

If the information is not being shared or is being used for different objectives than it is designed for, than there is a people or process problem that should be addressed.

  • Limited Understanding on What Core Products and Services Create the Numbers

Bookkeepers and accountants are essential to the well-being of a company.

Numbers with meaning and understanding are more important.

Do your accounting people understand what the product and services are?

Do your numbers come in late each month?

Are the numbers, or reports shared with the people that create them?

  • Disconnect Between Departments

Historically, accounting provides all the financial information after everything is complete, but does not involve themselves in weekly production or service activities.

Integration of the accounting department into production or service activities, creates understanding, saves time, and money.

Are departments provided data they need or told they need?

Accounting deals more with macro numbers, where departments deal more with micro numbers.

Do you have an ERP system?

Is your ERP system accounting or service based, meaning does it process activity or create numbers and reports?