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Pro-B Management works with core stakeholders in organizations by managing functionality problems and adjusting performance gaps. Founded in 2015, Pro-B Management shares Brent Trenholm’s 35-plus years of experience and knowledge in various industrial process and manufacturing settings, including forestry, pulp and paper, oil and gas and government affairs. Brent has created and implemented operational best practices by standardizing processes and procedures while creating progressive cultures, cross-training staff, and significantly reducing waste.

Pro-B Management is based on a belief in equality that promotes a culture of employees helping each other and sharing information. As Brent’s career advanced, as a manager, millwright, and consultant, he realized that key decisions were typically made selfishly and became increasing irritated. There needed to be a better way. In the development of  teams, departments, and organizations, equality, professionalism and open communication leads to an environment of making life better for others, and sharing so that there is no need to continually ‘reinvent the wheel’. In turn, as contributions are increasingly welcomed, and employees are given opportunities to make decisions, they make better decisions, further developing the organization’s culture.

Business Operations Management Solutions for National and International Companies

Pro-B Management has extensive operational management and leadership experience, as Brent has traveled the globe training and implementing standardized product line knowledge and procedures. Pro-B Management’s ultimate goal is to provide you, as an industry leader, an efficient business model that can thrive in today’s global market.

Pro-B Management is owned and operated by Brent Trenholm, a business management consultant based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Pro-B Management is an operations management solutions firm that specializes in leveraging your existing workforce’s skills and experiences into a successful and profitable business.

Core elements of the organizational assessment Pro-B Management provides, include:

  • People (social system and habits)
  • Structure (formal relationships)
  • Technology (processes and resources)
  • Environment (social setting and culture)

Business Operation Management Alberta

In our main work with process and manufacturing clients, we assist them in optimizing operational processes while maximizing human potential so that organizations can realize their full potential.