Operational Analysis Calgary

5 Steps to Operational Excellence

01. System Scan

Our initial system scan is designed to identify overall system gaps, overlaps, and flow. This scan is used by both your company and Pro-B to determine existing benchmarks and to confirm fit in creating a Comprehensive Action Plan.

02. Process Audit

This more in-depth business management analysis charts a series of improvements, which are then used as a guide in the development of a Comprehensive Action Plan.

03. Comprehensive Action Plan

Pro-B will tailor the Action Plan to your company and outline the best strategies to put into plan to reach the benchmarks established during the Process Audit.

04. Plan Implementation

Pro-B will support the process of change during the Implementation phase by developing a company culture that endorses communications across all departments and helps employees engage in trust and understanding. A necessary step in operational excellence.

05. Follow-through & Follow-up

Our “5-Step Business Management System to Operational Excellence” is not a one-off session. Culture does not change overnight. Pro-B wants to ensure that there is optimal buy-in from both management and personnel being affected by the changes being implemented.